Generate 5-10 Appointments Per Day

With your High Level Account!

... Distribute your Prospecting Outreach using Multiple Email Accounts! Without Needing a Team of VA's ...

Over 100,000 Appointments Generated In 10 Months!

Prospecting Bandit Allows Marketers & Agencies To Get In Front Of Thousands Of Eyes Per Day!

Pre-Warmed Aged Gmail Accounts

We season all of our accounts!

You need to do nothing other than start sending emails!

  • Guaranteed

  • Aged Mature Accounts

Quit Landing In Spam

Our system rotates your accounts & randomizes the frequency each account sends emails...

This helps your emails to:

  • Land in your Prospects Inbox

  • Look Natural To Gmail.

  • No Worry about Burning Gmail Accounts.

Always Here for You

Support if your business needs a high-touch, personalized support experience.

  • We offer zoom and email support 5 days a week!

  • Get a personal account rep!

Get More Appointments Through Cold Email

We understand cold email on every level!

What makes them land in an inbox?

What increases open rates?

What increases conversions?

Our company brings more value to the table than just email rotation.

We help you with your scripts and list building.

90% Email Delivery + Happy Clients

Marketers put so much effort into perfecting their copy skills, but this only is effective if people can read your emails.

  • Easily Upgrade or Downgrade

  • Simple Sign Up & On-Boarding

  • Start Sending Emails within 48-72 Hours

  • No Fixed Term Contracts

  • Connect to Your GHL or Use Ours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to know how to set everything up?

No, our team will set up everything for you. You can simply focus on messaging.

How often will the emails burn out?

We monitor the emails 24/7.

If an email does get flagged or burned out,

we swap it out with another seasoned email address.

Is this legal?

Yes, cold email is 100% legal as long as you comply with the can-spam laws.

What if I do not like this service?

You can cancel at anytime. There are no long term contracts.

How long does it take to setup?

Once you have filled out the onboarding form.

It only takes about 24-48 business hours to have your account setup and ready to email.

Our Plans



On average 2-5 appointments per day.

  • 500 Emails Per Day

  • 10 Seasoned / Warmed Gmail Accounts

  • Auto Rotation of Account Sending

Most Popular:


On average 5-10 appointments per day.

  • 1000 Emails Per Day

  • 25 Seasoned / Warmed Gmail Accounts

  • Auto Rotation of Account Sending

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